Big Brother !!

​Big Brother means everything! 

Big brother is also cute than my life! If there is no big brother then today it is not known! Every time my brother comes to work with me. Whether it is a matter of time in any place. If something goes wrong in my life, then he will explain to me that whenever I do anything, do not ever forbid me at any time, at all times, he supports me all the time. It does not matter that we do not fight, we all like us . There is a lot of fighting in the middle. Now it started to decrease because now it started to understand, but when it was small it used to struggle very much at that time. He used to insist on going with them all the time. I love writing in the truth so I would write these articles and write to me. The older brother was missing and thinking of writing in this article only after thinking of him. In forced form Anything that I have to tell if he has to tell my dear father, then my elder brother will help me a lot. Even if I have any work, then he will fulfill it. Every step every In every subject, he is desperate for my help. Today he is away from me. Even then, we stay away from him always because we both have a relationship between middle love. I sometimes think that if my brother has some work in my life, then he must definitely work. My always try is to always keep her happy. No one from me Do not make such mistakes that they Feeling of grief I am slowly becoming emotional. There is a lot left to write to my brother. I am proud of my brother, I pray in God that he has always been happy in this world and achieves his goal…

Happy Man !!

Being happy is a very beautiful moment of man . In happiness, man’s mind moves very fast. If man is always happy in his life and always smiles, he will always get positive thoughts in his mind. Due to positivity, the desire to do any work of a human will be awake. Even in the unhappy moments, if it does not get frustrated, and happy to solve it, it will be very good. Our brain works very slowly in times of sadness and anger. If we renounce this anger and we transform it into our happiness then it will make our mind a good feeling. 

Spend life living happily